Conifer Bio Polymer

A new generation of plant-based material

Traditional plastics have a detrimental impact on our air quality, waterways, and communities. If we continue to produce petroleum-based plastics at our current rate, greenhouse gas emissions could reach 1.3 billion tons per year by 2030. That's why we pivoted to Conifer Bio Polymer. A new generation of material that combines the functionality of traditional plastics, while limiting their negative effects.

Plant-based, zero waste

Produces 75% less CO2 than traditional plastics

Conifer Bio Polymer is created from plants, corn or sugarcane to be exact. Raw organic matter is converted to simple sugars and then polymerized into the material that you know and love.

  • 1. Harvesting

    The corn or sugarcane is collected.

  • 2. Processing

    The organic material is ground and distilled into simple sugars.

  • 3. Fermentation

    The simple sugars are converted to lactic acid.

  • 4. Polymerization

    The lactic acid is purified and polymerized into raw bio-plastic.

  • 5. Compounding

    Pigments and additives are added for colour and texture.

  • 6. Printing

    The raw material is 3D printed into sustainable products.